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Requesting some help in coming up with human names for my Gakuen Hetalia fic (2nd Year students)
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I'm composing a fanfic for Hetalia that is an AU gender-bend Gakuen Hetalia fic (yes. I know that's quite a mash-up). I've created a forum on FFN to help come up with some human names for the characters, but I'm not getting much response on it. Therefore, I thought I'd try out LJ to see what I can get out of here.

Please note that I've voted for one of each of the names only to test out if the poll works properly (it doesn't indicate my preference).

Here's the roster for upcoming 2nd-year students of Hetalia World Academy (all are currently 1st-years; therefore, their ages are actually projected as to what they'll be during their 2nd-year). 

If you want to help with students' info or tell me what they're like (I only know a little about each student), feel free to post/ RP that. If you know the clubs that each student plans to participate in, list that below.

Same as the other rosters: Any names/info is italicized and bolded and has an XX instead of a name/info is what is available for changing/assistance; any posting or assistance with that will be appreciated. All other students (in regular font) are the ones I remembered and don't need any help with but I decided to include my entire roster here just so you can see who is in this class.

Here is a legend for what you're reading after the nation's name:

Nation-Gender: Human Name; age/hair color/eye color/height (if known) {Information that will help with personality and/or character background for school}

2nd year students (ages 16-17):

Belarus-F: Natalia "Natasha" Arlovskaya; 16-17/Dark Blonde/Dark Blue/5'3" (160 cm) {very pretty girl, has an "interesting" relationship with her older "siblings" Russia & Ukraine; b/c their surnames are different, it's unknown if they are actually related}

Finland-F: Tina? Väinämöinen; 17/Blond/Brown/5'5.5" (170 cm) {wears a cross necklace, white beret; simplistic, gentle, and honest, seems rather adult-like; very talkative, especially around Sweden, thinking up jokes to lighten the atmosphere}

Japan-M: Kiku Honda; 17/Black/Black/5'5" (165 cm) {Member of the Manga Club; dating Taiwan/Meimei}

Lithuania-F: Tori Laurinatis; 16/Brown waist-length/Blue-green/5'5.5" {nervous-tic to the point of having a slight stutter; has known upper-classman Poland since childhood, it is uncertain if they are dating}

N. Italy-F: Alice (pronounced Ah-LEE-che)/Feliciana/Daisy Vargas; 17/Auburn ponytail, wild curl down at the side of her head/Amber/5'7" (172 cm) {clumsy to a fault, really strong when angry, tendency to be flighty and falls in love easily}

S. Italy-F: Chiara (pronounced Key-AH-rah)/Katarina/Romana/Lovina Vargas; 18/shoulder-length Dark Auburn held back by a pink headband/Amber/5'7" {stayed back one year in school, so she could be in the same class as her sister; has a really strong "kid-sister" complex; dating an older man, an alumnus of HWA}

America-F: Amelia E. Jones; 17/Amber Blond, wavy shoulder-length/Bright Blue/5'7" {trouble-maker during the first few months of her first year until she started dating Arthur Kirkland; somehow is a regular student now, even has grades in the top 20% of her grade level; athletic and is often asked to be president of various sports clubs but she refuses to give up "boyfriend time" for sports}

Estonia-M: Eduard von Bock; 17/Blond/Blue w/glasses/5'7"; {ace student; good with information technology; member of Chorus club; plays piano}

New Zealand-M: XX; 17/ short curly bob a spiral-shaped ahoge similar to Italy's/eye color unknown/height unknown {has a pet sheep}

Wy-M: XX; 16-17/brown/brown/height unknown {Australia's older brother; artist/musician/poet; loves rabbits}

Poll #1735731 Human Names for Hetalia Academy's 2nd-year class

Name for Finland (Female)

Emilia (means emulating)
Olivia (means elf army)
Tina (original name=Tino)

Name for S. Italy (Female)

Chiara (pronounced Key-ARE-ah; means "Clear; bright; famous"
Katarina (fanon, means “pure”)
Lovina (means "mother of Romans")
Romana (means "of Rome")

Name for N. Italy (Female)

Alice/Alcie (pronounced Ah-LEE-che, means "Strong-willed")
Feliciana (means "happy")
Daisy (fanon, means “day’s eye”)

Name for New Zealand (Male)

James (means "supplanter")
Oliver (means "olive branch")
Joshua (means "savior")

Name for Wy (Male)

William (means "protector")
Lachlan (means "from the lake")


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